Students who would like to apply for Erasmus+ traineeship funding should submit the following application documents two months before the beginning of the traineeship. Please e-mail us the documents as attachments.

Note: You should get in touch with us even if you are planning a traineeship on short notice, so we can check whether we can support you. Retroactive support is not possible.

Please use the list of Subject codes (for JGU) to fill out the form. If you are not enrolled at JGU but at one of the other partner universities, you can find the fitting subject code at:

Here you will find the Erasmus Sector Codes as well as the Country and the Higher Ecudation Institution Codes.

Please exclusively use the forms linked here or those you can download on our website. Older documents or forms filled out by hand will not be accepted.

Please also pay close attention to the points "Requirements", "Financial support", "Before Departure", "Online Linguistic Support" and the Erasmus Charter Students

We ask for your understanding that we cannot accept photographs of documents but instead require proper scans.

Online Application [A1]

Please register in our portal through one of the links below. Within the portal please select the option Erasmus-Praktikum (SMP).

Online portal for JGU students:

Online portal for students from the partner universities:
Attention: Should you have technical problems when submitting the online application, please write us an e-mail!

Please send a scan of the signed copy of the application confirmation with the other application documents.

Learning Agreement for Traineeships [A2]

Please fill in the first page of the Learning Agreement for Traineeships [A2] on your computer and e-mail it to the company/organization abroad. The documents should be printed out to be signed and then scanned again. Please also keep in mind the notes in the Annex to the Learning Agreement for Traineeships. Please make sure that the document is filled in completely by the employer. Fields such as "Detailed Program of the traineeship period", "Monitoring Plan" & "Evaluation Plan" are mandatory fields and must be filled in accordingly.

Once the document is signed by the company/organization and you, forward it to your departmental coordinator. You can submit the document with the other application documents to the EU-ServicePoint once it has been signed by the departmental coordinator. It is sufficient to submit a copy or scan of the Learning Agreement. Please keep the original copy for your own records.

Please be aware that the Learning Agreement must be submitted BEFORE the beginning of your traineeship. If this is not the case, Erasmus+ support is not possible.

We can only consider complete and signed documents!

CV [A3]

Please include a CV [A3] in your application documents.

Letter of Motivation [A4]

The Letter of Motivation [A4] is a personal statement letter.

The letter should be 20 lines to a full page long and explain in relatively short and concise words why you chose your current course of studies and which professional aim you pursue.

It should also state why you looked for the intended traineeship and which tasks you will likely fulfill there.
In addition, you need to declare that you have already or will have taken out sufficient health, accident, and liability insurance coverage for the whole duration of the planned traineeship, see Before Departure.

Previous University Diplomas / Academic Record [A5]

Please submit an academic record of the courses of your current study cycle.

If you are a master student, please also submit a copy of your bachelor diploma.

Language Certificate [A6]

You must prove your language proficiency which is required by the receiving institution/organization. Your high school diploma, the course of studies and certificates of language courses in Germany or abroad can be accepted.

If the language of your work does not correspond to the official national language, we recommend acquiring at least good basic proficiency before departure.

If you do not possess any of the mentioned Language Certificates, you can submit this Language Certificate [A6] filled out and signed by an examiner of the relevant foreign language.

Confirmation of Enrollment [A7]

Please include a current Confirmation of Enrollment [A7] in your application documents.

You must prove that you are enrolled for the complete duration of your traineeship. If your traineeship reaches into the next semester(s), please send us the relevant Confirmation(s) of Enrollment as soon as possible.

Intercultural Awareness [A8]

In order to be as prepared as you can for your traineeship abroad, you should have participated in at least one workshop on the topic of Intercultural Awareness and be able to provide proof of this.

However, we also accept the following points:

  • Longer non-touristic stays abroad
  • Erasmus+ semesters
  • Workshops on the topic of "Intercultural Competencies und Communication" at your university, if available - for JGU students, for example, workshops offered by the Gutenberg International School or the Frühjahrs- und Herbstuniversität of JGU's Career Service
  • Participation in the Buddy Program of the Studierendenwerks Mainz
  • Active participation in internationally operating student networks or voluntary work organizations like the Local Erasmus+ Initiative LEI oder Masifunde

Further voluntary or professional activities may also be accepted after consulting the EU-ServicePoint.

Declaration of Honor for “Social Top-Up” Funding [A9]

Please submit the declaration on honour and tick the special funding that applies to you. Information on this can be found on our website. Please also complete the form if no special funding applies to you (please tick this case).

Declaration of Honor for Green Travel [A10] if applicable

If you are planning to travel sustainably to your internship location (green travel) and take advantage of additional funding, we need a declaration of honor from you in addition to the supporting documents to be submitted later. Please use the download form.