EU-ServicePoint for Traineeships

The EU-ServicePoint is a joint organization of five higher education institutions in Rhineland-Palatinate:

  • RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau
  • University of Koblenz
  • University of Applied Sciences Mainz
  • Catholic University of Applied Sciences Mainz
  • Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

The EU-ServicePoint supports students who want to do an ERASMUS traineeship with:

  • Preparation – language, culture, organizing
  • Supervision – monitoring, quality control
  • Evaluation of traineeships abroad

The EU-ServicePoint is the contact for any and all organizational questions on ERASMUS traineeships.The sophisticated net of ERASMUS departmental coordinators in the participating universities is responsible for matters related to subjects of study.

The EU-ServicePoint is responsible for

  • the project funding, i.e. the application, administration, allocation, and payment
  • the coordination of all activities with the partners within the consortia
  • the compilation and maintenance of the internet portal and the information materials.

Additionally, the EU-ServicePoint is the contact for companies and institutions offering traineeships.