After Your Traineeship

You must submit the following documents to the EU-ServicePoint four weeks after the end of the traineeship at the latest:

Final Report on the Traineeship and the Time Abroad [C1]

Please fill out the Final report [C1] electronically and send it to us in form of a PDF file. We would like to make these reports accessible for other interested students. You can state at the end of the report whether you approve of the anonymous publication of the report on our website.

Traineeship Certificate of the Company/Organization [C2]

Please submit the Traineeship Certificate of the Company/Organization. You can use the form Traineeship Certificate [C2]. In case that your employer issues their own certificate, it may also be accepted if it includes all the elements indicated in the Traineeship Certificate form.

Proof of Recognition of the Traineeship by the Faculty [C3]

The recognition of your traineeship is a requirement for receiving an ERASMUS grant from the EU-ServicePoint. The faculty should issue the recognition either via ECTS credits or via a Diploma Supplement (DS) or via a Transcript of Records (ToR).

Please use the relevant form as Proof of Recognition of the Traineeship. You can also submit a copy or scan of a document from your faculty if it includes all of the required information. Please keep the original for your records.

• ECTS-Credits

• Diploma Supplement
The country, employer, period and the funding of the EU-ServicePoint should be stated in the Diploma Supplement.
Here, you find further information on the Diploma Supplement.
In addition to the form we need a copy or scan of your Diploma Supplement after you have received it.

• Transcript of Records
In addition to the form we need a copy or scan of your ToR once you have received it.

If you have problems in the recognition process, please contact us:

We gladly serve as an intermediary in these cases.

EU-Online Survey [C4]

Once your traineeship has ended, you will automatically receive an invitation e-mail for filling out and submitting the EU Online Survey (expenditure of time: approx. 15 minutes). These reports serve the EU as a means to generate Europe-wide statistics and to evaluate the Erasmus+ program.

The sender of the invitation mail is either or