During Your Traineeship

Interim report [B]

Please send us the Interim report [B] as an e-mail attachment by the end of the first month of your traineeship at the latest and cc your departmental coordinator of your home university.

It is important for you to have a conversation with your mentor in the company/organization in order to include the outcome of the conversation in your Interim Report.


Changes to the Traineeship Period or Tasks

Please contact us as soon as possible if you want to change the duration of your traineeship or if there are major changes in the tasks of your traineeship. Fill out the form "during the mobility" and send it to us electronically once it has been signed by the company/organization representative, by your departmental coordinator and by you. The approval of the departmental coordinator can also be given in form of an e-mail. The document should be submitted one month before the end of the traineeship at the latest.

Please also keep in mind that the insurance coverage (health, liability, and accident insurance) should remain valid for the extended period of the traineeship!